We are honoured to partner with Re-Run Clothing, Race Director and KOMFuel

ReRun Clothing

Re-Run Clothing: Camino Ultra are proud to partner with ReRun

A Community Interest Company started by ultra legend Dan Lawson and the wonderful Charlotte Jalley, aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment.

One of the main challenges faced by running directors is that there is a disconnect between the production of t-shirts and medals and the value found by all the event attendees. Camino Ultra do not wish to produce more t-shirts into the world when we should be looking at using the ones we already have and by prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment and save them from landfill. As such we want to offer a unique service whereby everyone who enters a Camino Ultra event will receive a unique "stamp" (created by the ReRun team) which can be used to either stamp the shirt that you wear at the race or bring along another favourite item of clothing. We look forward to supporting ReRun in a number of unique ways in the future.

Please do check out their website for all your running item needs: Re Run

KOM Fuel

KOM Fuel: we are delighted to partner with the innovative KOM Fuel, the home for all your ultra nutrition needs. KOMFuel will be our key nutrition partner at all our up and coming Camino Ultra events. In fact KOMFuel are so keen to support you that they are offering a promotional 20% off all your nutritional needs. Just use this link to sign up and then the daznbone discount code

DUV Statistics

DUV Statistics: you may put it on Strava if you like, but in the ultra world if it's not on DUV Statistics it didn't happen!

Lea Valley 50 Km on DUV Statistiks