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Carole has been a friend to Camino way before we became Camino.

We also coached Carole to some of her earliest ultramarathon successes. In turn Carole supported our first ever events like the inaugural virtual 50KM and Centre of the Universe.

Carole is the owner and creator of Coffee Run which over the years has helped many begin their run/walk journey. It is through Carole's beautiful energy and vision that Camino created our first 25KM event and then the Forest Fridays concept - both of these have helped each of us be able to offer running support from 'Couch to Ultramarathon' in a fully connected and achievable way.


Some of Carole's first joiners have gone on to complete a Camino 50KM and dream of other great adventures.

We owe a huge amount to Carole and we are grateful each and every day she continues to guide Caminos - especially as our Lead Race Director on all our events.

Do consider contacting Carole if you want to discuss any Camino or Coffee Run ideas/events -

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Carole's Story

Carole O'Leary


You can contact Carole via all the Camino channels or via email:

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