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Camino EcoTrail Challenge 2024

Back for 2024 is Camino Ultra's new 8 run Challenge. Just like the Greenways in 2022 and Blueways in 2023 this is an opportunity to run 8 new routes in London - taking in undiscovered routes in West, South, North and East London curated by Camino and ready to run 'When you want'.

Camino EcoTrail Challenge 2024
Camino EcoTrail Challenge 2024

Time & Location

Time is TBD

London, London, UK


About The Event

Camino's EcoTrail challenge is an opportunity for you to experience 8 TRAIL routes in London during 2024

Camino will release these routes in batches and send you  packs easy to follow pdf via email.

You can do the routes WHENEVER YOU WANT.

You can do backdated routes.

You can do them in the middle of the night if you want.

Ever wanted to do a race but you had kids on bikes or a pet to consider - well do an EcoTrail with them.


MEDAL: After each completed route you will receive a medal. 

These medals will be unique. Some will be co-designed by London artists and will represent the EcoTrail you have completed.

In 2022 Camino had the Greenways Challenge where the routes were curated to follow trails in mostly Green spaces (parks, forests etc)

In 2023 the theme moved to Blueways where the routes were built around the rivers, lakes and 'blue themes' of London.

In 2024 we have partnered with some iconic as well as some underground groups/cooperatives and we have built new EcoTrails to take you to these places and in some cases inside of their grounds.

As always this is an opportunity to reveal routes in all four corners of London - North, West, South and East all feature.

Each month Camino Run Leaders will host a Social event - so you can choose to experience a route in a Community group. 

These dates can be found on Camino channels shared to you when you Sign-UP

Once again some of these Socials will be exclusive to sign-up challengers

Average EcoTrail is 10Km  All EcoTrails are inside M25  All start and finish at London public transport   We are going to be doing a whole bunch of new things inside the EcoTrails.

Prizes - Some months there will be a unique prize - WATCH THIS SPACE

Any questions send us a message -


  • EcoTrail - 8 RUN Challenge

    Run a London EcoTrail route Alongside or near one of London's many forests/parks/river/lake/blue themed routes - All curated by Camino Ultra. Camino will share one route on the 1st of each month. When you complete the run you submit your evidence via our Verification form on the Camino website (don't worry about this bit - we are super easy) and we send you a Medal for completing it. Each Medal is a piece of a puzzle. Run all 12 routes and you complete the entire Puzzle.




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