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Find out full information about Epping 50KM


2024 - SATURDAY 5th OCTOBER 08:00AM Start

Price: £57 Affiliated / £59 Unaffiliated

Age Limits: 20 years old


“London Epping 50KM” is a wonderful green trail from the very bottom in Wanstead all the way to the top of Epping Forest and back to Wanstead in East London. The route follows the scenic Centurion Way through the entire length of Epping Forest and the parks and trails to Wanstead.


The race starts and finishes very close to Manor Park station for fast access back to other parts of London via the new Elizabeth Line.


As with all Camino events, you will be fully supported by 3 nutritiously stocked aid stations, first aid support from Challenge First Aid and course markings (more markings to be included in 2024 as per feedback).


Race held under full UK Athletics Permit granted through the TRA (Permit TBA).  




Please keep an eye out for our newsletters leading up to the event.  There will be a race briefing video sent out a few days before race-day.


1. How can I sign up? – You can enter all Camino Ultra events through our partners LetsDoThis 


2. Can I walk this race? There are cut-offs for all our events (mostly because the kind folk that you meet at all the start/finish/aid-stations are volunteers and we hire the venues and need to keep to strict times for our licences) So whilst you will definitely be able to walk sections of our ultra events they are not suitable for pure walkers  


3. What happens with my stuff at the start? You will be given a tag to write your “name + contact number + race number” on and all of these bags will be constantly looked after by Camino Volunteers for you at the finish location.  


4. This is my first race – what happens if I don’t finish? One of the great things about our events are the accessibility of easy public transport. You are never too far from a bus or train station – dare say that a taxi could be called out to most places too.  


5.What trainers do I wear - should I wear a hydration vest -  Is there any mandatory kit? We often recommend trail shoes for this event but it depends on the condition of the trail. Camino will be hosting a Q&A in the lead up to the event to discuss this and we always recommend that you contact us ( with any specific kit questions.

Hydration Vest - we think these are great items to own. There will be Aid Stations in this event with water and electrolyte drinks but it is also a cup-free event and so having your own vest with your own water carrying options are a great way to manage this. Contact us if you don't own one and want help in terms of kit choice.


For Camino events the answer for 'mandatory kit' will mostly be no. However please do read any emails that are shared or community/social media posts – especially ones that may be helpful around weather warnings.  


6. This is my first Ultra – what do I need to consider that I may not have done for a road marathon. Can you help me with Plan? Probably the biggest impact will be the amount of food/hydration that you may need. All the Camino Ultras will have adequate Checkpoints and we want to have a reputation for stocking the types of food on our aid stations that are actually good for you.


Camino Epping Plan - we can offer everyone who signs up a free 1-2-1 to discuss how you might want to train for this event.  


7. Is it possible to leave a car at the finish and easily get to the start via public transport? No - with all the public transport available we advise that you try and avoid using the car for this event


8. What happens if I get injured and are no longer able to take up my place? Please see info for Race Refunds below. Always contact us on - we are a small race organiser and we pride ourselves on a personal service. So we will do every thing we can to support you.  


9. What does the Epping 50KM race include:  World-class timing from One Time - Warm drink and delicious snacks at the finish  Checkpoints stocked with nutritious food/drink  Full insurance from UK Athletics - Trophies for winners - Medals for all finishers   


10. What happens with RACE NUMBERS:  Race Numbers will be available at the start for 2023. You will receive full instructions from Camino in newsletter. Race Numbers plus a timing chip. This can be pinned onto shorts or top but must not be obscured by other kit such as a race vest. It must be clearly visible at all times. Please do not pin it on the back of your body or on the back of a race vest or rucsac. 


11. What will happen for the "Registration / Race Briefing" The race briefing will be video recorded, posted to YouTube and a link shared with you well in advance of the race. The briefing will contain all the information you need to know to have a safe and enjoyable run. Therefore, to avoid congestion and aid social distancing, there will not be a race registration area that is mandatory to attend prior to the race. As long as you have your number and are ready to race you can just show up near the start line ready to start.  


12. What happens at the finish? There will be volunteers towards the end of the race that will inform you how close you are to the finish – so that you can be prepared to sprint it home. You will clearly see the finish CAMINO PINK ARCH. Our finish venue is in front of the Golden Fleece which will have your bag, a clean toilet and your finish. The Camino team will be enjoying refreshments at the wonderful Golden Fleece - so let your family and friends know that it is a great place to eat and celebrate with us.

13. Can you recommend somewhere to stay the night before? There are Premier Inn/Travelodges in nearby Epping. It is also worth looking at AirBnb for more interesting options. 


RACE REFUNDS - please contact

EPPING 50KM - 2023 GPX 

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