Welcome to the Camino London Greenways Challenge for 2022.

On the 1st of each month of 2022 we will be releasing a brand new London route for you to complete.

Once you complete the route you send us the evidence and we send you a medal from the awesome team at ZeroWaste


OPTION 1: FULL 12 Route Challenge - £95

OPTION 2: 4 Route SPRINT Challenge - £35

OPTION 3: 1 Route London Greenway -  £15 - You choose which route you want to do and when

Each medal is a piece of 12 part puzzle - if you complete  all 12 routes you will complete the puzzle - London Greenways Challenge complete.

PRIZES: we are working with a handful of partners who are helping us curate some wonderful prizes. Many of these are one of a kind experience led prizes. PRIZE 1 - Winner Miki Meant - exclusive trip to HQ in Cannock Chase with a Precision Hydration sweat test and much more.

January 1st: Diana Princess of Wales Memorial - this is a 7 Mile (11KM) route taking in the four London parks that Princess Diana loved to walk and run around. The actual route has 90 plaques embedded on the route.

February 1st: Dollis Valley - 10 Mile (16 KM) hills/forest/mud trail from North West London to the tip of Hampstead Heat. Route has some beautiful trails and a real feel of nature and beyond the chaos of London.

March 1st: New River - 10 Mile (16 KM) from Enfield to the wonder of Sadlers Wells (Angel, Islington) - more than ever this is a great example of a route that you discover whilst always feeling like the hubbub of London and the paved streets are literally just behind you.

APRIL 1st: Roding Valley - 9 Mile (15 KM) from Debden to Wanstead - this is a unique version of the Roding Valley trail and one that brings you so close to some of the major highways of London and yet is so lush and wild

May 1st: Celandine - 10 Miles (16 KM) - this is one of the standout London trail routes that offers so much variety of trail for everyone to enjoy in West London

June 1st: Green Trail - 15 Miles (24 KM) - one of the longest Greenways of 2022 - this is such an epic trail taking in SW London from the suburbs through iconic Richmond Park and heading all along the Thames to Hammersmith

SIGN UP ANYTIME - you can do any route on any day of 2022 and get a pack and medal

You will receive a pack when you sign-up and a medal for that route once you have completed it

* Please be aware that you can only be a part of the prizes if you take part during the actual launch month of the challenge


Below is a set of FAQs that we have been asked by runners from our Strava run group.



QUESTION 1: Where are the 12 Routes:

First route will be the Princess Diana Memorial route based in central London.

All other routes will be based in London - covering all four areas of the city and giving the London Greenways Challenge subscribers a real opportunity to experience all the best that the city has to offer from a run/walk perspective.





Second route will be the fantastic trail route Dollis Valley Greenwalk - finishing in the grounds of Hampstead Heath. Route three will take you for the first event in South London along the 'Waterline Way' before Route 4 heads back up through the mythical New River path (a route reliving one of the oldest London rivers). Future routes include an epic creation showcasing the most iconic Graffiti walls in Central London and some of the best that West and South West (Celendine and Richmond) have to offer.

QUESTION 2: How long are the routes:

The shortest route is 5 Miles (8 KMs) and the longest is a special Marathon distance. However the average distance for the Greenways will be 10 Miles (16 KMs) - making them all accessible to walkers.

















QUESTION 3: What do I get if I sign up to a London Greenways Challenge?

You will be sent a pack to your email address. Each pack will contain a gpu of the route that you can access via your phone or you can download to a sports watch (Coros/ Apple/ Garmin etc). There will be a full description of the route including helpful information on how to get to the start (and from the finish if the route is not circular). There will be helpful ideas on where to take the best pictures and where you can stop to get refreshments if needed.

QUESTION 4: When will I get my medal?

We will aim to get your medal out to you within 3 days of you sending us your evidence of the run/walk. 

QUESTION 5: How do I send you evidence of the London Greenways route.?

The easiest way to do this is to capture your run on Strava and then just send us the Strava link.

You may capture the run on any App that captures gps location and timestamp of your run.

You can also send us a picture of your start and finish.

QUESTION 6: Will it be necessary to use a GPX file to follow the route?

Some of the routes will be fairly easy to follow just by taking the time to look at the instructions that we share with you. We will do everything that we can to make sure that the focus is on you enjoying the route and not getting stuck by awkward route choices. To help you we will be creating a video tutorial on how best to use the GPX. This will be sent out

QUESTION 7: Can I run/walk with my Dog

100% YES. The whole point about our London Greenways Challenge is that it is not always easy to run routes at the same time and when we have dogs - kids on bikes - unusual work times - we all need the flexibility. So this challenge is for you to run/walk when you want - how fast you want - with friends or solo - with dogs and any animal (no you cannot ride a horse or camel!)

QUESTION 8: How do I sign-up?

Go to the Camino Shop right now and either choose the FULL 12 Month or the individual route option

QUESTION 9: Is it too late to join the challenge?

You can join an individual version of the challenge right up to the very last day of 2022

If you wish to complete the 12 Route challenge (knowing that the routes are 225 KM in total) then you could conceivably do this in the last week of December (your LEGEND status would be pretty EPIC if you did this) However it goes to show that you are never too late to join and still get a huge amount out of the challenge.

Camino will always be on-hand to help you individually or as a team get the most out of it.

QUESTION 10: How do I take take in one of the Camino Community versions of the Greenways 

Firstly you need to make sure that you are on our Camino Strava Group to se when these Community runs get listed


One of the thing we are most excited about is to work with our long-standing partners on building very unique (ideally) experience-led prizes. Think one-off trips curated by our favourite companies - Exhale Coffee + KOMFuel + 80NoirUltra etc. The only caveat is that you must take part in the actual month that the prize is for.

January Prize details will be shared very soon 

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