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daznbone love super Berries

The secret is out of the bag.

daznbone are totally obsessed by berries.

Why the obsession? Well its 3 things that join in the middle.

1. Berries ARE a Superfood - blackberries are loaded with potent antioxidants including anthocyanins, flavonoids, poylphenols, and cancer-fighting ellagic acid. In fact, in terms of sheer concentration of antioxidants, blackberries rank higher than almost any other foods. A 2006 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reported that blackberries’ antioxidant content is far above that of other foods.

2. Berries are found on the side of great run-routes - as the cover photo taken by daznbone along Lea Valley near Hackney Marshes London shows - you don't have to travel too far along a trail in June-September to find a precious blackberry. If you need a little "pick me up" when out on a long run they give yourself a boost by picking a few. TOP TIP - animals pee and the rest on the lower ones - so go high and you have the best chance that they are good to eat

3. If you know 1 and you use 2 wisely then #sharethelove - take a back-pack and go pick a tonne of berries. Bring them home (WASH THEM!) and then bang them in a super smoothie. Pick loads and make a cake. This is the absolute bomb

Great Berry Facts:

The shiny black fruits are not actually berries, but technically “aggregate drupelets.” That is to say blackberries are composed of many little round fruit bodies containing seeds, all of them clustered together in the shape of a raspberry. Each fruit is more like a cluster of grapes than a single berry.

Brilliant Podcast Recommendation:

daznbone love Dr Chatterjee - get two copies of his 4 Pillar book for you and a best friend. Check out his podcast with Dr Lisa Mosconi - great listen when running and discover what foods you should be eating to fine tune your "foggy brain" HINT BERRIES.....

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