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Run/Jog/Walk on the 'Beverley Brook' trail of South London


This is a little-known trail that exists from New Malden in South London to the Thames river and Putney.


The route was clearly well marked at one point but it is now very difficult to spot the trail signs. As an added challenge why don't you try and see how many trail signs you can find - could well be a prize for the person that sends us the most pictures of them from their Blueway x


We are really fond of this route. It is a beautiful trail - you really feel like you are in the middle of nowhere at times. We love how it goes into Richmond Park but we hope that it takes you on a route that you haven't perhaps been on and you see things from a different perspective. When you leave Richmond there is history everywhere - more unusual sightings of the Beverley and a real mix of urban/parks and trails. 


Plenty to see, do and eat/drink on this route. Blueways Packs contain this information and much more.


As part of your sign-up we offer a free guidance and support service - so Always contact Camino to discuss your plans before any route -


Sign-up and get sent a pack to help you work out the best way to complete this route


Finish whenever you like and you will be invited to complete a verification form to help us get you the medal sent out in the post (UK ONLY)


There are 12 Blueways to complete - they all fit together to make a 12 piece puzzle - follow this link for Blueways FAQs

Camino Blueways - Beverley Brook

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