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Run/Jog/Walk on the 'Pond de la Tour' trail of North London


This is a trail that Camino built.


It is a recognition of all the amazing 'ponds' that can be visited in a 10KM route.


We are really fond of this route. It is a beautiful trail - you really feel like you are in the middle of nowhere at times.


The route can be done from either Hampstead or Finsbury Park - so choose where you want to finish and enjoy the local delights.


There are so many incredible sights along the route that are iconic to Londoners:

Archway Bridge 

Highgate Cemetry

Unique named Pubs


Plenty to see, do and eat/drink on this route. Blueways Packs contain this information and much more.


As part of your sign-up, we offer a free guidance and support service - please contact Camino to discuss your plans before any route -


Sign-up and get sent a pack to help you work out the best way to complete this route.


Finish whenever you like and you will be invited to complete a verification form for to receive your medal (UK ONLY).


There are 12 Blueways to complete - they all fit together to make a 12 piece puzzle. - follow this link for Blueways FAQs

Camino Blueways - Pond de la Tour

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