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Camino have curated 4 trail routes which you can do anytime in 2022


You could decide to do all in a weekend, in a week if you are travelling to London


You can decide to do one a month or spread them out throughout 2022


Everytime you finish a route you fill out the Camino Verification Form and we send you a medal.


All details of the four trails (routes which we have designed - so are not ones you find online) will be sent to you as unique packs via email




Roding Valley (North East London) 9 Miles/ 15 KM

Celandine Trail ( West London) 10 Miles  / 16 KM

Green Trail ( South West London) 15 Miles / 24 KM

Thames Estuary Path ( East London) 13 Miles/ 20 KM - also a 7.5 Mile option from Coalhouse Fort Park

Camino Sprint Challenge

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