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Run/Jog/Walk on the 'Queen of the Suburbs'  EcoTrail of WEST London


This is a 9 MILE trail that Camino built in collaboration with West London Legend Tom Kerry


Firstly, you will head past the location where beavers have been released back into the wild for the first time in many years, see article below:


And secondly, you'll run at Horsenden Farm, a local conservation site, see


There are toilets available at Horsenden Farm and there is a coffee shop there too – there are also a selection of cafes near West Ealing station too


Thank you to Run Ealing who are:


....a community of local people with a desire to make Ealing a better place to live

We do this by promoting, volunteering and creating a network of running activities for all

In parks and open spaces

On river banks and canal paths

In schools and workplaces

At events and in clubs

Young and old, fast and not so fast and all those in between

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time


We hope that you enjoy a highly unique trail in West London.


EcoTrails Packs contain this information and much more.


As part of your sign-up, we offer a free guidance and support service - please contact Camino to discuss your plans before any route -


Sign-up and get sent a pack to help you work out the best way to complete this route.


Finish whenever you like and you will be invited to complete a verification form for to receive your EcoTrail Unique Embroided Patch (UK ONLY).


There are 8 EcoTrails to complete. - follow this link for EcoTrails FAQs

Queen of the Suburbs EcoTrail

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