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Stephen has been with Camino since the beginning

He was one of the very first athletes that we coached and he provided many memorable ultramarathon moments. From his first 100 miler and onward to dreams of 24 hour.

As a qualified Coach in Psychology we have leant on Stephen on many occasions to help our athletes work on their Whys.

Friend first and lifetime inspiration - we are excited to continue this journey together.

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Stephen's Story

Hi Camino’s,


I’m Stephen. I’ve been a Camino since day one and being part of this community has radically changed my world and for that I will always be grateful. Being a Camino has meant I’ve been surrounded by incredible people who have both challenged and inspired me to believe so much more is possible, to take on a more meaningful path in life and helped me to unlock a deep innate joy of running beyond the scope of my perceived limits.


I’ve received so much support from Camino’s as I moved from coachee to coach and am now accredited as a coach in psychology with a focus on performance, resilience and wellness. I’m deeply interested in the mental side of ultra running both as a way of working with fellow athletes and professionals to dial up to their undiscovered potential, and all the while learning to be a better version of myself.


Camino highly recommend Stephen and his skills. His approach to movement therapy and also his motivational strategies could be the perfect answer if you are hitting some blockers

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