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Welcome to the Camino London EcoTrail Challenge.

There are 8 new London EcoTrail routes for you to complete - You can sign-up to tackle the 8 routes in 2024 or you can do each individually (see FAQs BELOW)

CHALLENGE will start in late 2023 BUT you can sign-up anytime.

Camino trail challenges are essentially routes that you do 'at a time that suits you'.

However Camino also hosts Social versions of these so you can make this a community social challenge or a virtual one.


In 2022 Camino created a brand new London based running challenge. We designed twelve trail routes and shared these to challengers via individual pdf packs that we curated and emailed. The challenge was to complete the route 'in your own time' and once completed we would send you a puzzle medal - complete all twelve routes and the puzzles pieces would beautifully fit together

First Rule of Greenways Club: You can do these Greenways whenever you like - which means that you can do an individual route anytime you like - just sign up or contact us for more info.

The baton was then handed over and the only rule of Camino Blueways 2023 became to 'Enjoy Yourself'




















                                Greenways Legend Sonny Peart (Black Trail Runners) has led his own run-groups

                                         on many of the routes - why not do the same with your run group

We have been blown away by the way our community have taken to the Greenways and Blueways. We've seen beautiful pictures shared and so we plan to create our own gallery exhibition at the beginning of 2024.


















Once you sign up we will send you the first set of London routes for you to complete - these will be the first set of the 8.

Each medal is one of an 8 part set of 'sew-on' badges - if you complete  all 8 routes you will complete the set - London EcoTrail Challenge complete.

We are batching the EcoTrails up - so sign-ups will receive an email with details of the first two routes at once. This will allow sign-ups to better plan for which route is easiest for them to complete and maybe even head into London and complete a couple or all of them in batches. The EcoTrail Socials will continue to be (approx) monthly. 

  • Average EcoTrail is 10Km ​

  • All EcoTrails are inside M25 

  • All start and finish at London public transport 

We are going to be doing a whole bunch of new things inside the EcoTrails. These include but are far from the whole list: 

- a new FastestKnownTime 'mixed team' record attempt 
- collaboration with Adidas Battersea Park 
- collaborations with London's most famous mudlarker and most infamous forager 
- new ecology section with Anson 

PRIZES: we are working with a handful of partners who are helping us curate some wonderful prizes.

Many of these are one of a kind experience led prizes. 


You will receive a pack when you sign-up and a medal for that route once you have completed it

* Please be aware that you can only be a part of the prizes if you take part during the actual launch month of the challenge


Below is a set of FAQs that we have been asked by runners from our Strava and HEYLO run group.



Camino EcoTrail FAQs

QUESTION 1: Where are the 8 Routes:

EcoTrail Challengers will receive the routes in packs of two. First two EcoTrail routes are based in Central and East London.

All other routes will be based in London - covering all four areas of the city and giving the London EcoTrail Challenge subscribers a real opportunity to experience all the best that the city has to offer from a run/walk perspective.






Future routes have been designed to mix all the very best that London has to offer from an EcoTrail perspective.

Camino will keep all of the Greenways and Blueways elements that have been so successful in the past few years.

So think forests, parks rivers, lakes, ponds, canals and much more.



QUESTION 2: How long are the routes:

The shortest route is 5 Miles (8 KMs) and the longest is 10 miles (15KM).

Importantly most routes are 10Km - so accessible for many

















QUESTION 3: What do I get if I sign up to a London EcoTrail Challenge?

You will be sent a pack to your email address. Each pack will contain a gps of the route that you can access via your phone or you can download to a sports watch (Coros/ Apple/ Garmin etc). There will be a full description of the route including helpful information on how to get to the start (and from the finish if the route is not circular). There will be helpful ideas on where to take the best pictures and where you can stop to get refreshments if needed.

QUESTION 4: When will I get my sew-on badge?

We will aim to get your medal out to you within 3 days of you sending us your evidence of the run/walk. 

QUESTION 5: How do I send you evidence of the London EcoTrail route.?

The easiest way to do this is to use the verification form on our website:

QUESTION 6: Will it be necessary to use a GPX file to follow the route?

Some of the routes will be fairly easy to follow just by taking the time to look at the instructions that we share with you. We will do everything that we can to make sure that the focus is on you enjoying the route and not getting stuck by awkward route choices. To help you we will be creating a video tutorial on how best to use the GPX. This will be sent out

QUESTION 7: Can I run/walk with my Dog

100% YES. The whole point about our London Blueways Challenge is that it is not always easy to run routes at the same time and when we have dogs - kids on bikes - unusual work times - we all need the flexibility. So this challenge is for you to run/walk when you want - how fast you want - with friends or solo - with dogs and any animal (no you cannot ride a horse or camel!)

QUESTION 8: How do I sign-up?

Go to Camino Homepage and see Camino EcoTrail as part of the Races/Events Page

If you want to do an individual Blueways route option to the Camino Shop - if you cannot see what you are looking for then please contact us on

QUESTION 9: How much does it cost to join the full 8 EcoTrail challenge

It is £85 and this includes:

  • 8 packs that will be emailed to you

  • Ask the Camino Coaches any questions

  • Invite to the monthly Social events

  • Sew-on badge for each completed EcoTrail

  • Much more......

QUESTION 10: How do I take take in one of the Camino Community versions of the EcoTrails 

The information will be shared to sign-ups via newsletters

Make sure that you are on our HEYLO and Camino Strava Group to see when these Community runs get listed


One of the thing we are most excited about is to work with our long-standing partners on building very unique (ideally) experience-led prizes. Think one-off trips curated by our favourite companies - Exhale Coffee + Hylo Athletics etc. The only caveat is that you must take part in the actual month that the prize is for.



Is it still possible to do either GREENWAYS or BLUEWAYS:

It is still possible to take part in any of the Camino Greenways or Blueways. You can order any of these as single route orders on the Camino Shop - Always contact Camino so we can help you prepare for your attempt

GREENWAYS 1: Diana Princess of Wales Memorial - this is a 7 Mile (11KM) route taking in the four London parks that Princess Diana loved to walk and run around. The actual route has 90 plaques embedded on the route.

GREENWAYS 2: Dollis Valley - 10 Mile (16 KM) hills/forest/mud trail from North West London to the tip of Hampstead Heat. Route has some beautiful trails and a real feel of nature and beyond the chaos of London.

GREENWAYS 3 : New River - 10 Mile (16 KM) from Enfield to the wonder of Sadlers Wells (Angel, Islington) - more than ever this is a great example of a route that you discover whilst always feeling like the hubbub of London and the paved streets are literally just behind you.

GREENWAYS 4 : Roding Valley - 9 Mile (15 KM) from Debden to Wanstead - this is a unique version of the Roding Valley trail and one that brings you so close to some of the major highways of London and yet is so lush and wild

GREENWAYS 5: Celandine - 10 Miles (16 KM) - this is one of the standout London trail routes that offers so much variety of trail for everyone to enjoy in West London

GREENWAYS 6: Green Trail - 15 Miles (24 KM) - one of the longest Greenways of 2022 - this is such an epic trail taking in SW London from the suburbs through iconic Richmond Park and heading all along the Thames to Hammersmith

GREENWAYS 7: Thames Path South East (9.5km) - nearing the 10th anniversary of the London Olympics, this is an exploration of the hugely regenerated area between Woolwich and Greenwich 

GREENWAYS 8: Thames Estuary Path (21 KM) Tilbury to Stanford-le-hope - Taking in everything from the Windruch exhibition, to Royal Naval Forts and views of the infamous Boris Runway this wild and expansive route is like none other in the Greenways series. HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this route with someone else as it is very remote

GREENWAYS 9: Exit from the Greenways - tongue in cheek East London Graffiti route taking in some iconic Banksy murals and much more. IMPORTANT to note that this route takes in some narrow passageways and back-streets so we do not recommend that you do this as a solo female runner or at night unless you feel comfortable to do so.

GREENWAYS 10: Wandle Trail - gorgeous river trail in South London - starts at Mitcham Junction and finishes in Wandsworth Town which has a gorgeous independent scene.

GREENWAYS 11: Waterlink Way - another wonderful trail in South London that takes you through some of the lesser know parks and green spaces

GREENWAYS 12: London Town - Hill - to Town - Our final Greenways is a tribute to the major culture hubs of Camden and Down Town London - perfect for a December Christmas Lights Adventure.

BLUEWAYS 1: Nelsonight Way - Camino created this route to celebrate the unique way you can see a different side of London by going over the River Thames Bridges (by picking the less popular side). Finishing at the new Battersea Power Station

BLUEWAYS 2: East London Historic Canals: Weaving your way along the Regent and Lea between Mile End and Tottenham - seeing nature from different sides - marshes - common land - some of London's oldest and most unique trees. Podcast was created with Francesca from Running on Joy 

BLUEWAYS 3: Bollo Brook - Another mystical route of London's hidden past. With only a few sightings of the Bollo - including the epic Gunnersbury Park and Nature Reserve - One of the most beautiful Camino trails

BLUEWAYS 4: Beverley Brook - we often find that walkers and runners are tribal and then go around parks the same way each time. In the middle of our Beverley route we skirt you around a different route of Richmond and to the River Thames

BLUEWAYS 5: Pond de la Tour - created by Camino to showcase a route between over a ten of the finest ponds that exist in London - including all of the swimming ponds of Hampstead - beautiful route with hidden park gems

BLUEWAYS 6: Pymmes Brooke - Often ignored part of London but no less beautiful and magical - Weaving it's way in North London through some fine waterside trails and plenty to find along the way

BLUEWAYS 7: Aquadrome to Lido - Unique Trail that links some of finest waterways of NW London - From the Lakes near Rickmansworth - along the Grand Union Canal and through forest trails to the epic Ruislip Lido - fancy a diP

BLUEWAYS 8: The LINE - one of our favourite routes - this is an existing Art Sculpture route (with constantly changing art) that includes Cody Dock and Royal Docks. Plenty of Swim-Run options in this one

BLUEWAYS 9: Peck - One of London's magical 'Lost Rivers' - albeit there are a couple of sightings on this epic South London circular route. At 10 miles this is the longest Blueway - get ready to be rewarded by wonderful London vistas and many new parks.

BLUEWAYS 10: Brent River - this legendary London river (hidden in many parts) is over 20 miles from source to Thames. Camino curate a 10KM version. This route does have more grey concrete brutalism than most Camino Trails - you need to earn your Blue

BLUEWAYS 11: Green Trail (Part Deux) - Following on from the delights of the (second half) Green Trail in the Greenways (see above) we are inspired to complete the first half from Kempton Park to Teddington.

BLUEWAYS 12: Stinkpipe - In keeping with Camino's LOVE of exploration this trail is one that you devise. Linked here is a map of all the Stinkpipes of London. The mission is for you to create your own Blueway that connects 'at least 3 Stinkpipes'

SIGN UP ANYTIME - you can do any route on any day and get a pack and medal





Interested in our London GreenwaysProject -

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