Arc of Attrition 2020

Arc of Attrition 2020: 31 hours and 21 minutes

It is a beautifully long time to spend putting one foot in front of another.

Looking back to early 2019 when Daz and I both agreed that we wanted to sign up for Mud Crews Arc of Attrition we knew some things but there was a heck of a lot of things we were clueless about. Hopefully this blog will go some way to finding out what we learnt both leading-up to and during the event and maybe some of it will be useful for anyone’s ultra trail (100 mile +) planning

Legends Beechey, Rodrigo and Pollie join DaznBone at the start of Arc of Attrition 2020

Event or Race? Yes of course Arc 100 is a race and there were a handful of truly talented runners who raced it hard – those legends like Steve Wyatt, Anna Troup and friends Laura Swanton/ Leanne Rive – hell yeah they raced and they conquered. For those who know less about the Arc of Attrition it’s a 100+ mile run around the coastline of Cornwall from Coverack to Porthtowan. It is held on the last weekend of January which has a habit of serving up gnarly weather. Race organiser Andrew “Fergy” Ferguson has a cheeky smile about him when he talks about the epic DNF (did not finish) rate for this race. In his race briefing he shared that the average fail rate was over 50% and the worse year was circa 74%. So, discounting a few uber talents what you have here is an event that most of the 270+ competitors just want to make it to the finish – alive.