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Camino Blueways x London Ecology

One of the things that we are passionate about at Camino is the ancient art of being curious.

Blueways are not a race.

In fact the biggest winners are almost always the folk who take the longest time to finish them. Break them up - stop - observe - look around - take slower folk with you to regulate your pace.

Ultimately to really soak up some of the millennia of history and culture that surrounds us in our beloved London.

So last year we spoke to long-term Camino runner and friend Anson Mackay (Professor of Geography, Ecologist and super Green & Blue lover like us) about introducing some new features to the Blueways challenge. We wanted to learn more about about our rivers, canals, lakes etc and become Citizens of (the) Science x

So here is the first of several blog posts from Anson introducing the subject. Please get involved. Be curious. Ask questions both inside and outside of the Blueways. Remember that a big percentage of your entry fee has gone to make one of London's most ambitious ecology projects a reality - EAST LONDON WATERWORKS.

They still need over £12000 to make it happen otherwise the whole thing becomes Grey - Concrete!!!!!

London contains a network of about 40 rivers that have been integral to its existence over millennia. And although many of these rivers are now largely underground, they have been essential for providing us with food and water, as well as regulating local climate and flooding. London’s rivers have also been essential as the start and destination for international trade since the Roman times, contributing to the city’s rich cultural and often problematic history of empire.