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Camino x Trash Free Trails

For the few years that Camino Ultra has been in existence we have quietly and frequently gone out on our local trails of East London and taken as much trash off them as possible.

We've also tried to start conversations and we've had some beautiful results. Anyone that knows our relationship with Hackney Wick's Graffiti Bridge will have seen it totally transformed.

We recently got together with the incredible bunch from Trash Free Trails (TFT) and it feels right to take some of these activities up a notch. TFT exist to bring some much needed education and structure to the process - some of this includes a collaboration with Universities to better catalogue the extent of the rubbish out on our trails as well as the important benefits to our mental well-being if we can explore positive relationships to nature/countryside/trails.

In April we will be supporting TFT during their 'Spring Trail Clean'.

We have a clear plan and we would love you to support us.

At the beginning of April we will be asking Camino runners to walk/jog/run sections of the Route 4 Blueways on the Beverley Brook Trail and specifically we will start the month by just taking pictures and cataloguing the trash that exists on this trail.

In week 2 and 3 we will be assisting the community to take a small bag of trash off the Beverley Trail. Everyone who contacts us will be supported in how best to do - following all the expert advice that you can already find on the TFT website.

On April 22nd we will have a Camino Social day (contact us for details - and we will be personally getting involved in the TFT Spring Clean.