Champions at the Centre of the Universe

Wow - what a beautiful place the Centre of the Universe turned out to be.

Bathed in glorious Spring sunshine.

Ultra-athletes and their crew, paces and friends...and Archie the dog.

Kindness from Johnathan (aka Breakfast Club) for allowing our Camino Sew-on badges to become a portal to a free crisp cool beer.

To the rent-a-cheer crowd on the hill and all the friendly souls from the barge-community who stopped and asked us what all these heroic runners were up to. As organisers that is perhaps the one thing above all else that is ours...and that we will treasure forever....and that is the small snippets of conversations that we had with you - captured in the moment when you are gripped by every emotion - when tiredness is fizzing through your veins and yet the nervous energy is literally causing you to send us smoke signals. We are there in front of you and you grab hold of that water and your devour it. Some of you had become dehydrated - some just see it as a sensible transaction on this wonderfully sun-soaked day. You shared with us your adventures, your successes, your shared experiences....some perhaps had not quite achieved what you had hoped in terms of a time....but that is the 9th wonder of the world.

Ultramarathons are for everyone. You are not lined up and easily comparable with one another.......that is a thing to cherish.