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Competition - Greenways Photography

Over the past eight months of the Camino Greenways challenge we've been constantly getting quite emotional when we've seen some of the things our community has kindly posted as well as the inspiring images that have been shared.

Whilst the epic trail landscapes often speak volumes we have also loved seeing how you have represented being on runs with your tribe and where you have taken your camera/phone into new undiscovered spots to reveal a whole new vista of a Greenway.

Sonny Peart (above) has embraced the Greenways challenge so beautifully and often gathered up a different tribe of friends/runners for each route x

We want to take this to a logical next place and gather a small handful of pictures for an exhibition (to be shown in London at the end of the year). With your permission we will professionally print these pictures and get you to share some words that will accompany them at the gallery space.

We already have a few that mean a great deal to us (we will be contacting those runners to seek permission for their inclusion) but we would love it if you would please email to us ones that you feel would be great to include.

Our second Greenways was Dollis Valley with it's infamous mud paths x

To coincide with this we want to make you aware of a wonderful new opportunity that has been created by the legends from Like The Wind magazine. They are hosting a new photography competition . Exciting for us is that they will be exhibiting the winning photographs in two locations - one of these will be London.

Feels to us like it would be incredible if there were to be a representation by a Camino Greenways picture in their gallery exhibition.

We would love to encourage you to enter the Like The Wind competition by offering a prize of our own. Any winner of any 'Camino Greenways 2022 photograph' chosen by LTW in their current September 2022 competition will have the option to receive either 'one months free Camino coaching' for themselves or a friend OR 'a free entry into any Camino Ultra ultramarathon' for themselves or a friend.

There are several categories that you can enter as part of LTW competition. Either photos taken using a camera - like the gorgeous Thames Estuary Path taken by resident Camino Ultra photographer Gigi Giannella or ones taken on your phone - Annie Bee took the group-hand pic below and this was the image that totally took us by surprise and elevated what a Greenway could mean for a group of run

If you have any questions about the Like The Wind competition or about our Camino Greenways exhibition/prizes then please contact us as always via email -

Looking forward to seeing more of your photos x

Please always use the following hashtags on socials:

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