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Creating a World Class 50KM event

When DaznBone first dreamt about creating an ultramarathon in our London backyard one of "side dreams" was to see our runners results "up in lights"...or as it is better known in the ultramarathon world "listed on German website DUV Statistks".

We are never happier than when we are pouring through the results of races in US/Japan, checking out who ran the best 24 hour performance in the 80s etc

So when we created the Lea Valley 50KM we were totally giddy at the thought that our little Camino event would stand proudly amongst all the World Champions and all those ITRA point races - the iconic ultramarathons from around the world (Spartathlon, Western States, UTMB etc) and along side all our favourite ultras in the UK.

Well now it has happened. One of our dreams has come true

You just go to the WORLD WIDE WEB and search for DUV Statistiks.

You go to their search panel and under "search for event" you add "Lea Valley 50 km" and there it is our results - your results - for ever.


On DUV there is a section called "International Ranking". Click on this and you can search for any ultra distance by Year.

So if you select "50km running" for "Men" and "2021" it will return 1000 of the best 50KM in the WORLD for the first six months of 2021......and GUESS WHAT.

Our top 3 men are in the TOP 50 in the WORLD!!!!!!!

Chris Holmes = 42nd

Andrea Fraquelli = 43rd

Matt Rees = 50th

BUT Kristina Kucar is 12th!!!!!!

Our race included a flooded underpass and waterlogged canal paths. Many of these other world fast time would have been on a fast tarmac loop!!!! WE ROCK x

THAT IS A DREAM - WOW! we love this.

So get addicted like us. Check our your results. CHECK OUT OUR LEA VALLEY 50KM

Sign up for our next EPPING FOREST 50KM and get your name listed amongst ALL the greatest ULTRA running names throughout history.

Kristina Kucar - 12th FASTEST LADY IN THE WORLD at 50KM in 2021

Chris Holmes - Yes 42nd best 50KM finish in the WORLD in 2021!!!!

To the future generations of Caminos #beinspired x

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