DaznBone Top 10 Nutritional Tips for Ultra Events Part 1

Before we get into our Top 10 tips - that has come from a) a lot of running + eating especially ultras and b) a deep love of asking questions and doing research on nutrition in training and races (plus we've run surveys, are ambassadors for @peakpinole who champion real change in endurance nutrition and coach of course!) - one key admission - Daz eats meat and Bone doesn't.

Why does this matter.

PIC: Bone getting excited about Melissa Hemsley personally serving up a dish x

Well daznbone strives to give you a balanced view. We don't like diets and we are not obsessed about things like weight and food fads/quick fixes because we want what we do and the advice that we share with you (and that you share with others) to be accessible to new runners as well as those who want to compete in long distance races. So you also have the fact that Bone is the science nutrition student - part way through his BANT course - whereas Daz has habitually put nutrition pretty low down his priority list. So no doubt you fit somewhere along this happy spectrum and we can make the advice work x

Please do leave your thoughts in the comments below. Good healthy feedback on this subject and questions will allow us to add more and more good content to help you with your food and drink + running choices aligned with your goals/races = healthier you - which is what we want to see.