Hotel Zorba - Spartathlon 2018

Updated: Feb 1

This is not your regular Spartathlon race report. There’s no history of the race or a chronological run through of what happened this time. Instead it’s a bit of a jumble, and jumps around all over the place time wise. Also quite a lot of things about my mental state, which despite the weather was probably the thing that gave me most trouble this year. So apologies for this - it could be the worst running blog entry you’ve ever read. It’s also likely to be very long. It’s just such a big experience, there’s a lot to offload. You’ve been double warned! TL;DR - it ends with a very wet foot kissing scene.

Thank You for the Days

First and most importantly I want to say thank you. Without the love and support of family and close buddies this kind of thing would not be possible. For me anyway - some people seem to be able to turn up and go by themselves, which is just incredible.

To Rosie and the kids - thank you so much for putting up with the training, the worry that I put you through, the time away and the great support from afar. I know it’s a lot. Maybe just shorter races for a while?!

To Jeff and Jane - thank you for the love and support you’ve given on this Sparta journey. It’s been such a pleasure and honour to share it with you. We’ve gone from wide-eyed novices in 2016 to a battle hardened team that is pretty much ready for anything. I’ve been so pleased that the race has encouraged you both with your own running and gym journeys!

To David - well I sure could have done with you alongside me this year buddy! Having you there as crew was magical and I drew inspiration from your 3rd place at Tooting to keep going when the tough times arrived. Thank you so much. Who got more rain?!?

To James, Laura, Nicky, Auds, Eric, Maria, all the Ellis clan - great to see you all again Team Ellis, thank you for the wonderful hospitality as ever.

To Jamie, Chevs, all of Team Holmes and everyone watching from afar and sending us support - missed you this year Mr and Mrs Holmes but thank you for all the support and i’m sure this Sparta story is not done for you all quite yet :)

To Doctor Dora and Team - thank you for looking after the Spartathletes and for your amazing care and concern at the end of the race. So glad not to cause so much alarm this time round!