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Is Porridge the Devil?

Simon (part of the dazNbone Spring 2019 Marathon team) asked me today:

“Porridge for breakfast? Whole oats, skimmed milk and a few raisins microwaved. Allowed or food of the devil?”

Simon we believe that porridge is a great choice for breakfast but ultimately dazNbone would recommend that you try and avoid having it every day.

Porridge is a great choice for marathon race-day food and therefore we would definitely recommend that you eat as part of a balanced weekly breakfast. The secret to a great porridge is that you can choose what type of milk to use (dazNbone loves Rude Health Almond Milk) and you can choose all kinds of toppings to inject some super-food power. Try adding some omega3 triggering nuts (walnuts and hazlenuts or some sunflower seeds) . Another gem is Chia Seeds - a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, iron, and calcium. For the sweet tooth monsters you can go for some sugar alternatives like honey or agave syrup. Don’t forget the Scottish trick to add a little salt.

So if the plan isn’t to eat Porridge every day here are some Breakfast Options:


The best habit you could form is to eat more eggs. Athletes can get a huge amount of value out of eggs - Eggs are rich in amino acids, choline and vitamin D, all of which are essential to healthy muscle growth. Researchers say that eating eggs in the morning can reduce your daily cravings for fatty foods by up to 400 calories, making eggs useful for fat loss efforts too!

Ideally have an omelette once or twice a week because that often encourages a zero bread choice and you can add loads of other good stuff in - cheese - peppers - onions and chilli flakes - always get the morning juices flowing with some spice action. Amazingly there are thousands of different ways to make a killer omelette - love this link to discover who makes the best