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Nathan Flear's Kenyan Ultra Marathon Team

#daznbone have been lucky enough to call Nath a close friend for the past few years.

His own story is epic. When most mortal folk take a few years to progress to ultras (and then even longer to win them) Nath went from local run to ultra win and the Welsh International 100km team in a total blink.

We first found each other through a joint love of Spartathlon. Somehow this race stood out to us all as the one we wanted above all others. You will find a stack of our joint collaborations on this website - including races (World 24hr Belfast) our RunCamps and of course of Spartathlon runs together in 2018 Nathan and his wonderful (and the brains!) better-half Tori, took their kids off to live in Kenya.

As part of their ever growing wild adventures Nath discovered something quite extraordinary whilst there - a hub of world-class (typically marathon) runners who were no longer being brought over to run events around the world but were still “world-class”

Nath hatched a plan to set up a specific ultramarathon team. You need to know a few things about Nath & Tori. They are beautiful human beings in every sense. They pack a load of wisdom and passion and wrap it around the most golden of values. The starting point for this Kenyan Ultra team was a shared passion of brilliant running and a seemingly devoid set of opportunities for these runners to share their talents. As a dedicated and results proven coach himself, Nath really wants to see if it is possible to help set up a trusted and supportive environment that will allow brilliant Kenyan marathon runners to move up to the ultra distances and do this with the same level of guidance (and kit!) that we see in Europe/US and many parts of the globe.

If you don’t already follow Nath on social media then daznbone cannot recommend this more highly. There’s a tonne of runner pictures on Insta/FB but very few (world-class) athletes take the proper time to share great tips on how to improve. Nath is one of the few who give back all the time.

In terms of the Kenya story so far Nath and Tori have begun to capture some of it on their blog. It is so beautifully written and so full of joy and optimism that daznbone are keen to do whatever small things we can to support.

Over the next few months we will be sharing so of our own efforts to help make this story the success that it deserves and daznbone will no doubt we heading out to Kenya to get involved. If you are interested in supporting this with us then please do get in touch.

Love to the FLEARS x

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