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Re-Run Clothing

At daznbone we are passionate about building true close communities and within the running world we are keen to promote and support those folk that also share our true beliefs.

We were lucky enough to first meet and witness the grit and brilliance of Dan Lawson when we crewed at the 2015 Spartathlon. Dan came 2nd in that race. However it was Dan's warmth and compassion that won us over just as much as his lean torso and determination to be best that he could.

Fast forward to 2018 and Dan and Charlotte have created a much needed start-up for the running world called Re-Run.

Re-Run fundamentally want to educate the community about the way t-shirts are given out at so many events and how (through surveys and feedback) we know that a vast majority of these are left with the organisers/ taken home and never worn or in a pile of huge amounts and not one of the top 3 shirts that we wear the most.

Dan/Charlotte answer the main questions about their org and how our daznbone community can already help: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT RERUN

Who are Re-Run? ReRun is a Community Interest Company aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment. Founded and run by Dan Lawson, Team GB 24hr Ultra runner and his wife and family Charlotte, Lilly and Ruby.

What is your motivation? During the winter of 2017, whilst residing in India we started a small community project connected with our 5k weekly run. Runners would come and clear up litter, this gave us first hand experience of the amount of waste we our generating. Motivating us to do our ‘little’ bit to help try and make a difference. Our first step was to reduce dramatically our own waste. Before we looked at ideas on how we could reduce the waste in the running community. The idea of ReRun was born, to try and prolong the life of running clothes and equipment and save them from landfill. Extending the life of clothes by just nine months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each.

What are you collecting? We want to prolong the life of any running clothes or equipment that are not being used. So that means everything ! Old finishers T-Shirts, out of date unused finishers T-shirts, used singlets, shorts, bra tops, leggings etc and yes running shoes as well as bags, race vests.

How are you collecting? ReRun at the moment is very much in its infancy, our logistics for collection is still in the trial and error phase. At the moment we our working with running clubs and groups in our vicinity to collect. We are also asking for runners who maybe able to help arrange collections within their own running clubs or groups.

If you are interested in helping Re-Run please let daznbone know and we will figure out a solution together

Do you have a shop? When we have enough stock printed and ready our shop will be online and accessible through this Facebook page. We will also visit certain running events where we will open our pop up shop selling the same items online as well as those not featured. We will share a list of these events on this page too.

Where will the profits go? Once we have taken out the costs of operating the shop we will put all profits back into the running community. Our hope is that ReRun will operative almost like a co-operative and everyone either buying from us or donating unwanted gear to us will have a say in the projects we support. An example of the some of projects we are beginning to make links with are the homeless running project in Brighton, a Plogging project (litter picking and running), a mental health running project or a scheme supporting talented runners from the rural areas of Nepal.

Do you take used trainers ? Yes we take anything you dont want or use anymore. Some of the trainers will be resold here in the UK others will be sent to projects in Asia and Africa.

Where are you based ? We are based in the Shoreham by Sea near Brighton in Sussex, but our shop is online and we will visit running events all over the U.K.

How can I help ? There are lots of way to help and not all involve ReRun. *Donate any unwanted clothes or equipment to ReRun *Organise a collection of unwanted running gear or equipment for us at your local club. *Donate your unwanted clothes or equipment to another project or runners you know. *Sell on your own unwanted clothes or equipment to prolong the life of it. *Smile and tell everyone how wonderful they are. *Encourage everyone else you know to do one of the above

Which items are upcycled ? Any items we receive that are not in good enough condition to resell or may be difficult to resell we will upcycle into alternative items. We have developed a great pattern for turning t-shirts into both hats and shopping bags. As well as using old t-shirts to make race singlets.

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