Top 10 Nutritional Tips for Ultramarathons Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Nutrition (Top 10) Tips - Please do share your thoughts and advice below

6. Where's my Salt gone? You'll find an army of runners who will look into your sunken eyes and scream "Have you taken your S-Caps" - what the heck. Well these are basically salt tablets. Common wisdom will have you consume some regular intake of these to balance your electrolyte needs. The chaps at TrailandUltrarunning nail this perfectly in their 5 top mistakes blog post

7. Dealing (with) Hot Hot Hot - When it gets hot the brain (gut as well as the one up top) just doesn't say EAT. When you often try and override the brain and your force something down you end up by being sick or you want to be sick or you are just overcome by Nausea. It will happen (it's one of the most common things that you read about is post race blogs for sure). It's worth taking advice from the kings of heat at Badwater . In their University section they advise "Liquid meals are best in extreme conditions, because they are digested quickly and the blood used in the process is able to return to the extremities to help cool the body surface." If you have a great crew then you may want them to be constantly supplying "ice version". So frozen gels and frozen tailwind ice-pops!!!!

8. Remember what happens in the "Drop Bags vs Aid-Stations" Game - In many pro-race times of reflection I often think about all those 'unclaimed' items from the drop bags. Those items that you so lovingly sourced and paid for and that you never get to see or enjoy. Why? Well you typically put stuff in them that when you arrive at the check-point you find that a) you don't want them at that time b) you don't feel like carrying too much and so you just take essentials c) you still have stuff from the last drop bag and the aid-station table has more of those things anyway. I cannot pretend to have a solution here. But just to say maybe its worth putting a few curveballs in your drop bag. Something you just wont find on an aid-station and that only you love - a gherkin - a rice ball/sushi - kiwi fruit/dried mango

9. Don't Fear the Poo - the advice so far has been about food and nutrition and in some way "feel good". What to stick in your mouth that will hopeful