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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

One of the real Team Camino success stories of 2021 was seeing our community members support, crew and pace other Camino members in some of the epic ultramarathons both here in the UK but also abroad.

Two of our stand-outs were the Camino team (Paula, Kelsey, Miki, Kelly, Jen, Paul & Julian) who came together to be the full guided-runners for the wonderful Sinead Kane (Battersea 24 hour Sept 2021) and Amanda Heading who contacted us regarding future Spartathlon participation and in the same week had sorted out her own arrangements to become a critical member of our actual 2021 crew team in Greece.

This is something we cherish so much that we are going to try and support it in every way we can in future years. Whether this is through sponsorship, funding, on the ground help, communication (WhatsApp teams) or just being there together we want to continue to see our Camino community be there for each other (but also be inspired by each others epic stories and running performances)

This blog is fundamentally a calendar of all the events that Camino team and community are already signed up for in 2022.