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24 Hour Ultra Energy

#bone is 24 hours away from running 2018 version of the Tooting Bec 24 hour event - a somewhat iconic affair to many in the UK ultra scene

This is the first time #bone has ever raced around a running track but is his 3rd 24hr event following on from a 113 mile finish (and win! with #daz) in the 2014 Kent Ultra and 131 miles in 2017 World Champs in Belfast.

Nutrition has been a key area (and love) for #bone as he looks to run the perfect tummy/gut race as well as a PB distance wise.

Luckily for #bone he had the chance to catch up with the brilliant James Ellis from Endure Nutrition - James was kind enough to spend quite a bit of time advising on the food plans for the 24 hours as well as the pre-race meals. (***Remember that this is James kindly giving advice the same week of the event and not as part of longer term designed plan - which I would strongly advise runners using him for).

Some important things to know about #bone and his eating habits:

This is what #bone was eating in the few months leading up to Belfast 24hr in 2017:

  • Lots of chicken (for protein)

  • No bread

  • Almost Zero Carbs

  • Milk in porridge (plenty of dairy in form of cheese/yoghurt)

  • No snacks

For the past few months leading up to Tooting:

  • No meat

  • Some fish (mostly Salmon or anything fresh and well-sourced)

  • No dairy

  • Daily home-baked Sourdough bread - with Avocado or with Banana/Peanut Butter

  • Some carbs + Dark Choc

So here is the plan tweaked with James (and “Did it work - will follow next week!!!):

Pre-race evening meal - Pasta with Salad with good beans + nuts (pumpkin/flax/walnuts)

Breakfast (designed with James to be taken later in morning) - Sourdough bread with Banana/PB - key here is “wholefoods” - Coffee/Almond Milk + 2 litres of water

30 minutes before race Banana

First 90 minutes of race = NOTHING James - “The first 90 minutes is because your glucose stores in muscle and liver will be high and these will start to deplete after 90 minutes, so you need to start trying to top them up. At our speeds you are probably burning 50:50 carbs:body fat on a race, so there’s plenty of energy there to use up.”


1. You will burn between 6-800 kcals an hour depending on where you are in the race but…

2. You can only really ingest about 300kcals an hour, say 200 in carbs the rest in fat/protein.

3. If you have more than this, you’re sending your blood flow to your guy (which is what causes the tummy troubles

4. 200cals in carbs is around 50g an hour. To give you an indication of what that might be:

i. Tailwind is 100kcals (25g carbs, almost all pure carbs) per 500ml

ii. One Peak Pinole Ultra Bite Ball is around total 80kcals (9g of carbs, plus fat and protein)

iii. A medium banana is around 110 kcals (25g, mostly carbs)

THEREFORE my race plan mostly consists of a hour by hour with these ratios of Tailwind/Peak Pinole and the occasional fruit

With some of race meals kindly provided by the Sri Chimoy team.


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