24 Hour Ultra Energy

#bone is 24 hours away from running 2018 version of the Tooting Bec 24 hour event - a somewhat iconic affair to many in the UK ultra scene

This is the first time #bone has ever raced around a running track but is his 3rd 24hr event following on from a 113 mile finish (and win! with #daz) in the 2014 Kent Ultra and 131 miles in 2017 World Champs in Belfast.

Nutrition has been a key area (and love) for #bone as he looks to run the perfect tummy/gut race as well as a PB distance wise.

Luckily for #bone he had the chance to catch up with the brilliant James Ellis from Endure Nutrition - James was kind enough to spend quite a bit of time advising on the food plans for the 24 hours as well as the pre-race meals. (***Remember that this is James kindly giving advice the same week of the event and not as part of longer term designed plan - which I would strongly advise runners using him for).

Some important things to know about #bone and his eating habits:

This is what #bone was eating in the few months leading up to Belfast 24hr in 2017:

  • Lots of chicken (for protein)

  • No bread

  • Almost Zero Carbs

  • Milk in porridge (plenty of dairy in form of cheese/yoghurt)