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Annie Bee - That's How I Ran my 1st Ultramarathon

Updated: May 3

Sometimes the universe just serves up something so beautiful that it's vital that you do everything possible to make it thrive.

Annie Bee is that to Camino.....and much more.

Maybe only Annie knows the mechanics of how the Universe brought us together but it has been clear to everyone within the Camino family that Annie is special. From Day 1 Annie has always brought our community together, she has always put herself right in the challenge mix and wanted to be someone to help guide and mentor others.

We feel blessed that Annie came to us looking for some guidance on getting her Run Leader qualifications and that this gave us both the opportunity to get Annie more meaningfully involved in the Greenways and now Blueways.

In terms of her own running - Annie never started this journey thinking she was an ultra-runner and perhaps there was some beautiful oscillation between Camino and her other Run Community allies convincing her that she could do this and her own self-belief.