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It is actually one year to the day that founders Daz and Bone sat in the Hare pub (East London) and in 30 minutes we had officially created Camino Ultra as a registered company.

The idea behind Camino had been there for a few years. On long training runs we would dream about hosting our own ultramarathons - taking some of the elements of the races we loved and adapting them for the audience we were looking to provide for.

Just like every runner, we had both run 5 KMs (in the days before ParkRuns!), 10 KMs (the original Nike London series), Half marathons (all the big ones in and around London - Reading was fast) and Marathons (obviously London quite a few times but Brighton was an annual fixture) before tackling our first ultramarathon - the original London Ultra hosted by Rory Coleman (50KM of the Capital Ring from Streatham to Brentford)

After a few more pints of Guinness we dreamt about hosting 50 KM events that would perfectly offer the opportunity, for runners of these "shorter" distances, to think about achieving their first

ever ultramarathon. So if you are running your first ultramarathon or want an opportunity to improve your time/pb then we are sure that you will love our Camino events.

In 2020 we had to cancel our events three times. Each time was an enormous amount of effort on behalf of our key partners (Race Director, KOMFuel and Exhale Coffee), our Camino Squad (especially our guiding light Paula) and of course our community (runners, friends and family).

Like everyone else we are hopeful. We look forward to our first event of 2021 which is the "Centre of the Universe". We have exciting new projects with our partners Exhale Coffee, Shane Benzie @ Running Reborn and KOMFuel. Please do check out the links to them because they all contain new opportunities and discount codes exclusive to the Camino Community.

Please do join our Camino Strava Community where you will regularly find new helpful posts as well as a place to catch up with local runners and be inspired by the big guns.

As with every small business we totally rely upon the friendship and support of the running community. Perhaps you know someone who might want to check out our races - if so please do share our weblink. Jump onto Instagram & FaceBook and say hello. Reach out via email -

See you in the parks, on the trails, along the canal routes and up the hills (mountains if we can make it). Enjoy your running x

Camino x

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