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Country to Capital 2022

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Anyone who knows anything about the UK Ultramarathon scene knows about the early season classic - Country to Capital.

Just one look at our beloved DUV Statistiks website shows you just how rich in history this 14 year old event is. So many of the British elite have podiumed in this 43 mile race - many looking to test out their winter training and see where they are for up and coming Spring/Summer A-goals.

The 2022 version took place a couple of weeks ago and there were many friends and coached athletes from Camino either running or supporting.

Our very own legend Teresa Reason came 11th out of 72 (1st V45) - in an exceptionally strong female year - and she kindly shared with us this wonderful reflection of the Go Beyond Challenge event. Thank you Teresa x

Country to Capital - 8th January 2022.

The race headquarters was in the Shoulder of Mutton Pub. I arrived with an hour to the start, so collected my number and tracker and relaxed with a cup of tea with my club mates. It is so lovely to have the pub facilities at the start, especially the luxury of indoor toilets!

Before I knew it, it was time for the bag drop as I stepped outside the rain started. I decided to copy others by putting on my rain jacket for the start and boy was I glad later of this decision! I stupidly didn’t have my watch ready at the start, so crossed the start line still waiting for my watch to download the route. Right from the start I felt a bit breathless, it all felt harder work than it should have been, but I stuck with two guys from my club.