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Do you fancy Ultra-Trail Snowdonia 2024?

Every now and then we find that there is an ultra-marathon event where Camino has around a dozen or so athletes and close running friends involved.

This weekend we set up a WhatsApp group for a bunch of those legends heading to the UTS - Ultra-Trail Snowdonia.

We had a few athletes in the 100 miler last year but this year it was a bunch in the 50Km and 100Km. These WhatsApp groups mean everything to us. An opportunity to help calm the athletes nerves (it's great hearing advice from your coach but it means everything to hear it from someone who is actually going to be on the start-line with you), to swap some kit, to ask 'silly questions' (we all know there are no silly questions but a private group eases this one) and sort some things out last minute.

The UTS is definitely a stellar event. It's under the UTMB umbrella which means that it has the budget to put on a lot of razzmatazz. When you follow the race on their website you have live streams coming out of every pore - it's wonderful but it's also overwhelming at times.

So we wanted this blog to be specific.

It's the Monday after the weekends racing and we suspect that there are quite a few runners considering doing one of their four events nex