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Dreaming and Running - Spartathlon 2021

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It's about 3 days since I finished the 2021 edition of my beloved Spartathlon and I have the most potent mix of ecstasy and nausea.

That said I don't think I have felt this good after any big (100+ mile) run. I'm walking fine (thinking of running tomorrow) and most things are in tact.

So how did it go so well?

I've always considered Spartathlon "3 races in 1".

Race 1 - "Start to Corinth" - 50 miles. Before I dig into the journey I must kindly remind newbie blog readers that there is an infinite amount of expert information on Spartathlon. Much of it was written by the legend Paul Ali and resides on the British Spartathlon website You can also read all of the Spartathlons that Darren and I crewed or ran - here on the Camino Blog. So I am going to leave certain things out. What was genius about the 2021 start was that there were no portaloos - which meant a quite unique way to prepare for the race in full sight of the Acropolis - I can only apologise from the bottom of my British tank. After the obligatory team photos I did something new and I am going to number them in this blog for you and for me x

New Thing One: