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Just a Reflektor: Spartathlon 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Well how to start? It has to be with Thank Yous. But I always miss someone and I feel dreadful for doing so. To Rosie, Sam, Luke, Jeff, Jane, Amanda, AJ, Mum, Sue, Hels, David, James, Jamie, all my Highbury friends and running buds, Big Andy, Laura, Nikki, Auds, Eric, Chevs, Tim, Alex, Kate, Pats, Alan, Gazza, Nath, John M, Hammy, Anto, Anne, Debs MC, Sophie, Sarah, Mimi, Gilles, Andras, Hubert K, Bob H for the inspiration; everyone in BST over the years especially Rob, Paul A, Russ, Adrian B, Barney, the old guard James A, James E, Mark Woolley, everyone at ISA especially Kostis, Panagiotis, the wonderful Dora P and her teams, all the ISA volunteers, physios, medics, I cannot thank you enough for the support on this journey, not just this year but every year. You have all inspired me in so many different ways and I am forever in your debt. Efharisto, my friends.

It's been nearly 3 weeks since Spartathlon and I think I am still in a sort of elated form of shock. It's the same format every year, but the race never fails to surprise, and it feels the same same but oh so different each time. This was to be my fourth attempt, with 2 previous finishes and one extremely painful DNF. An important one then, would it be an extra time winner to make it 3-1 to Strachan? Or a horrifying away goal from Sparta to equalise at 2-2? I desperately wanted to join the likes of legends Paul Ali and James Adams on a 3-1 scoreline, but maybe I should not have re-read Mr Adams' blog about his single DNF!

Now I'm Ready to Start

Yep, been here before. Acropolis at 7am on the last Friday of September. It's our wedding anniversary, i'm sorry Rosie!! Been training pretty good, mood is high in the British camp. It's been a great day and a half greeting old friends and making new ones. But it's always just a little bit different each time here at the start line. I feel reasonably relaxed, but whether that's a good thing or not I just don't know. Do i have the same utmost determination to finish I had in '17 and '18, where absolutely nothing was going to get in my way (Zorba!!!)? Or am I taking it all a little bit for granted. Complacency at this race could easily be the single biggest error I could make. But also you can't just muster up something other than what you're feeling at the time. I tell myself i'll deal with whatever comes up, that a bit of experience will see me through. How close that was to get I currently have no clue. Wonderful vibes with Jeff, Jane, AJ, Amanda, Davie Boy and Jim Lad and all the BST at the start. We do the Jimmy huddle, he manages not to head-butt me this time! Let's Get This F***ing Done Boys. Photos with the BST banner. I stand at the back of the field, give my