London LOOP #FKT - with a lot of help from our Friends x

Updated: Jan 28

We really loved all the beautiful feedback from our recent Capital Ring disaster. Seems like most of you prefer to hear about the dramas and facepalm moments!! So as there is already some “London Loop FKT” (fastest known time) run stuff on the actual FASTEST KNOWN TIME website and STRAVA; and soon to be an article on Ultramarathon Magazine, this one is going to go super off-grid for you….

Over ten years ago, Daz and I used to run an annual ultra organised by Rory Coleman. It was 50 km of the Capital Ring and was aptly called the ‘London Ultra’. Back in those days 50 km was a big deal and we often took around 6 hours. If you could have seen us back then it was proper comedy stuff - wrong trainers, poor nutrition, no run strategy and poor execution.

A few years later we were preparing for our first 100 miler and decided to tackle the full 75 mile+ London “Capital Ring”, albeit in two 40 mile stages over a weekend. I fondly remember the fatigue of starting the second day (maybe something to do with a skinful of beers in Balham) and the sheer exhaustion at the finish of Day 2.

Daz and I have now completed and "FKT’d" the Capital Ring on several occasions and a few weeks ago we went back to try and reclaim the FKT from Jonathan Burnham’s (Russ Tannen and now Dom Jones has since crushed the FKT). We lucked-out on picking a 30+ degree day and with no crew or available shops (Covid-19) our attempt just melted away.

I mention all of this because (to help with the Why do you do these 100+ mile runs question) Daz and I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to do a 150+ mile run - we did the London Ultra, then we did a longer one, then we did another and made a right mess of it, then we did it again and it was marginally better. We read a lot, we listened to other runners (who were and still are better than us), we joined ultra communities online, we prepared better for bigger runs, we did bigger runs, we won 24 hour runs, we massively messed up 24 hour runs and all the time (secret source) we loved every second of it.