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Merry CaminoXmas

As we head into the final week before Christmas we just wanted to share some thoughts with you about the deeper and hopefully more impactful things that sit behind the core values of Camino. We have a couple of books that we recommend as last minute gifts - shout outs to our favourite small businesses and 2022/3 favourites for you to enjoy over the downtime period.

Final Camino Greenways Social December 2022 Pic by Camino Legend Gigi x

Getting Lost and Being Found:

When we created the Greenways challenge we thought long and hard about the type of information we would include in the packs about the navigation. It’s a big dilemma for us.

On the one hand we want to provide routes that are safe and accessible for most people of most abilities.

However one of our key philosophies is to help people get real life skills so that they can go on to tackle some really challenging trails and events.

Book Recommendation One: Wayfinding - The Art and Science of How We Find and Lose Our Way - Michael Bond