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Nipples & Nails & Marathon Tales - What to do in the last days/hours

So you've spent anywhere from 12-16 weeks getting in marathon shape (please tell us you have!) - you've followed a plan (I mean you actually printed one off and stuck it on the fridge a did 90% of the runs right?) you did a tonne of essential things like making sure you had run a stack of miles in your new trainers, you've worn all your kit a few times on long runs (to assess runners nipple and crotch-rub - men and ladies) and you really have "properly" tested your nutrition - haven't you?

Ah! Excellent- as coaches daznbone are proud of you for getting this far. Marathon training periods, like life, are wonderful journeys where you need to love the whole journey - don't obsess about the end game - the marathon itself is but just one piece of this awesome puzzle. So you are in the last 48 hours before the race. What can you do. Firstly don't reinvent the wheel. Literally zillions of runners have successfully done marathons and most of them have printed a checklist from the internet. The legend James "Curly' Williams has - go grab his pre-race checklist- print it off and do it. What daznbone want to share are the fringe things - the marginal gains stuff - the bits to put your Chimp back in it’s brain cage. 1. Love thyself - love thy nails and nipples- whatever happens Marathons are a healthy pursuit and therefore be proud that you are doing this. You can extend the love by getting out some nail clippers and nail files and trimming your toe-nails **BE CAREFUL - don’t overtrim - that can be a disaster - go slow and be gentle - climax with some sweet smelling oils. Love your feet and they will reward you. Same applies to crotch and nipples - don't slack on creams and jelly that will prevent rashes - nothing worse that dealing with blood, blisters or sore bits whilst in mid marathon flow 2. Be British - Obsess about the Weather. So much can dictate your marathon flow by the change in weather. Be prepared. You may end up hanging around for a while at the start - don't get cold - take something that can be thrown into one of the ReRun boxes by the side ( idea me thinks). Will your head and face and neck get exposed to the soaring sun - get some sun-cream on BUT please don’t put it near your eyes - don't get irritable sweaty/cream eyes - you will need your eyes so look after them. If it rains (or even if it’s scorching hot and the organisers have laid on water sprinklers) be careful of chaffing - Please check Point 1 again - do whatever you can to prevent getting rubbed nipples or wet-feet syndrome. Some runners swear by “vaselining” their feet - some put blister powder on them - they all make sure that their socks are fairly new - please don’t wear your lucky old socks - those blisters won’t be lucky old blisters! 3. Be Kind - Be Community focused - every book and guru would always advise you to think of others before yourself and this is sensational advice for marathon runners. Take away some of your chimp brains processing power and immerse yourself in the welfare of others. Do it during your entire journey too and from the event as well as crucially during it. Take an extra stick of Tailwind and #sharethatlove 4.this superbly leads us onto your Tailwind Strategy - most importantly (way more important than you, your health, the wider kindness and spirit of humanity) is your Tailwind strategy. You are duty bound as a citizen of this earth to get it right. We cant have marathon runners getting powder up their noses - seeing your self-flagellate at the side of the road trying to open up stick packs. Be mentally ready to show some style and decorum with your Tailwind. Get ready to inject some pace into your stride and soon as you have effortlessly induced your favourite Berry Burst or Lemon. Make other runners aware of the simple change they need to make to get the same glorious gains we take for granted by being Tailwind complete Get number 4 right and the rest will follow with ease. Any concerns just call the daznbone Tailwind support hotline. Together we can spread the right type of love.

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