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North Downs Way - Anna's Second Place

Anna is currently in hospital having an(other) Op - before she went in she shared this awesome race report from her epic North Downs Way 100 Miler. A race that she took on only a few weeks after one of her other operations. Huge mental challenges on top of some of the bigger 100 mile terrains that exist out there. Add on top that Anna was leading the race for a considerable period of time.

Anna has been with Camino since the beginning and she never ceases to amaze us. This is just one chapter of Anna's running opus - there are many more incredible chapters to come. Enjoy this chapter x

"North Downs Way 100… what a day! I went into that race feeling ‘ok’ with my most consistent training block since last September, but had been a bit on the edge of feeling ill all week with my throat and lungs just feeling tight and also a significantly upset stomach for several days beforehand - not ideal for a hilly hundred miler where both lung capacity and energy requirement are significant! I was quite nervous that one of these symptoms was actually real and I might deteriorate during the day but tried to put that out of my mind telling myself I’d had enough bad luck this year - it must all be in my head - it had to be. It was all the worst kind of taper demons that creep up on me making me doubt I was capable…I’m sure I’m not the only one who has them!