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Andy Daysey Day Keys100

Anyone who knows us at Camino knows that plenty of our running friendships have started at Spartathlon. We've had been dreaming of that race in the early 2010's and have been every year since 2015. It's in our blood and we love racing it, crewing it and being a regular part of the British Spartathlon management.

In 2019 Camino hosted our first Spartathlon Runcamp with the legendary Nathan Flear and Andy 'Daysey' Day was one of the beautiful guests. It was easy to love Andy from the get-go. He was ultra competitive - first one to get naked in the mountain swim spots! Best snow-angel! But he was also championing things like plant-based in the early days and this stood out. Andy came back clearly in love with Nathan and he's coached Andy ever since. Andy has been to Spartathlon twice and last year was impressively first British runner.

Last week the pair of them went to Florida to take on one the United States most prominent 100 event - Keys100 . Andy wrote this wonderful report - without spoiling things let's just say that he once again he did the UK ultra scene proud. More exciting things to follow x

The American Dream.

“Tell me what’s wrong”

“My heads on fire. I can’t get enough breath in”

I’m sitting in the SUV. Aircon on full blast. Initially it felt freezing cold