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Camino Blueways Challenge

Welcome back to those of you who have been taking part in the 2022 version of Camino Greenways and Hola to anyone who is new to this challenge and maybe to Camino.

Quick trip back in Memory Lane:

Camino was set up to host 50KM ultramarathons and to coach runners to be the best versions of themselves in preparing for endurance events.

Over the past few years we realised how important it was for us to spend quality time in the grass roots of running. We've been fortunate enough to collaborate with many incredible run groups and every time that we have done a beginners group we have been overwhelmed by the joy of people getting more skills and enjoyment out of running.

So last year we decided to create a year long challenge.

Camino Greenways is a 12 route challenge where Camino help curate a running trail route in and around London and each month we have been sending challengers a dedicated pack that contains every bit of information that you would need to complete that route. This includes helpful ways to use public transport, places to find great coffee outlets and necessary toilets, history of the routes, some places you may find great picture-taking spots and much more.

After a challenger completes the route they can send us details (it is easy) via our website and we then post out a puzzle medal.

Thames Estuary Pass was a curated section of the full Thames Estuary trail

Challengers that complete every route will have 12 puzzle medals that fit together to complete the puzzle/challenge.