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Camino x The North Face UK - New River Greenway

On Saturday 5th March 2022 we had our very first collaboration with the sensational team from The North Face UK. As they begin to do much more in the trail space - especially with new shoes - they reached out to see if they could support one of our Greenways events.

When we designed the year long Greenways challenge we were excited to build a Social Run at least once a month. After the success of the first two months (January in Hyde Park for Princess Diana trail and then the epic Dollis Valley in February) we were contacted by The North Face UK to see if it were possible to do a Greenway Social together.

In a matter of days we had planned out a way to cover the Route 3 Greenway - New River as a collaboration. With some tremendous 'behind the scenes' work from legend James Poole we had completed several recees with Darren & Regis and we knew exactly what we wanted to do for the run - it was just the 'after-run celebrations' that needed to be nailed!

Both Camino and The North Face runners began to arrive around 10am - all Greenways route are created so that the start and finish are not far from main tube/train/bus routes - so folk came from Enfield Town and Chase stations - via coffee shops that double as great pre-run toilets.

The North Face have a few new trail shoes coming to the market and with a focus on the growing trail scene James & Anna had a van full of the VECTIV trail shoes for the 80+ runners to try.