TP100 - Top 5 best days of my life

So this was always going to be an emotional run. I had two training blocks for SDW100 in 2020 that came to nothing so there had been quite a few hours on legs getting to the start line for TP.

I had a level of excitement that lead to very little sleep in the two nights leading up to the event. Not ideal. Endless scenarios running through my mind made worse by the now miserable weather forecast.

I was blessed with a crew that I can only describe as being some of the best runners and most beautiful souls I’ve ever met so I knew I’d get the love, understanding and support I needed on the day. But it was my wife being able, at the last minute, to organise things to make it to the finish that really put the icing on the cake. Now I had a really strong ‘why’ and I felt good I would get there.

Centurion are amazing. The entire event so well organised and populated throughout by wonderful people. You keep getting lifts at every aid station, even at the start at 7am in the pouring rain when I set off, through PPE and so many restrictions.

Classically I went off too fast, checked my watch and backed off. I went back in the pack a bit but that was cool, early days. I kept the nutrition plan to 2 Unived Elite, an S!Cap and around a litre of water per hour. Sounds a lot but it’s what I seem to need. After 20 miles or so I realised I had accumulated a bag of sticky empty gels. I just passed a bin and went back to throw it away only to see Dan Lawson gunning straight towards me. That was an inspirational moment. He quickly disappeared ahead. So glad I still had my eco hat on.