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TransGranCanaria - Julien Cazorla

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Camino Coaching have had a wonderful start to 2022 and none more so than with Julien Cazorla (Top 50 world ranking) and Claire Shelley (15th Woman) at TGC

When most of your clientele run around flat parks of major UK cities there are quite a few things you need to do to even contemplate a 130 KM mountain race with over 6000 metres of elevation!

Julien is a much loved runner in the Camino Community and it's obvious for all to see that his level of preparation and commitment is world-class - so if there is a blue-print for how you go from Hyde Park laps to the summits of Gran Canaria + compete with the world's best mountain runners - well....make yourself a cup of tea.....sit back.....and enjoy Julien's awesome TGC 2022 race report.

"I had heard good vibes from that race. It’s high on the international trail running calendar and a great one early in the year to kick-off the racing season. I liked the idea of exploring a whole island that way and signed up without thinking. As the race date was getting closer, my excitement was building up – I was expecting a lot from the event. My first international ultramarathon. My first mountain race (having had only a glimpse of it beforehand in the Peak District and in the Brecon Beacons on shorter events). My first night race with a 11pm start. The privilege to share an event with some of the best trail runners in the world. In brief, something extraordinary and definitely bigger than I’d ever done.

My training before the race was designed to address my lack of experience on technical trails and being able to cope with so much elevation. It’s hard to find places to do that around London. Therefore, I headed to Tenerife (the island next door to Gran Canaria, expecting similar conditions) for a week one month before the race. That time was well spent to practice trails, climbing, test some kit and learn to u