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Events and Races

  • London Greenways Challenge 2022
    18 Jan, 19:00 – 18 Dec, 23:00
    London, London, UK
    Run one London route per month, receive a medal each month. Run all 12 routes and create a puzzle of London to denote your 2022 achievement!
  • Epping Forest 50 KM 2022
    15 Oct, 08:00 – 17:00
    London, 2LT, London E11 2LT, UK




Massively boost your running with our tailored coaching services, helping you reach new levels of performance. 



As coaches we are inspired to help others prepare, train, gain entry and possibly be your on the ground team for future Spartathlons.

With our friend and partner Nathan Flear we will be running a specific Spartathlon Training camp in the Bulgarian Mountains in June 2022.



Listen to our Legends of Running Endurance Podcast

If you want to learn from the Legends of Running Endurance this is where you come to find out.

We talk with the most iconic figures in the ultra running world to find out what makes them tick, and what drives them to epic performances in the UK and worlds biggest ultra marathon races. You’ll find very random ultra chat, laughter, tears, race tips, training tips and inspiration to help you take your running career to the next level.

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Episode 13 - Canal King - Alex WhearityLORE
00:00 / 52:14
Legends of Running Endurance - Julien CaLORE
00:00 / 38:22
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