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Camino x East London Waterworks

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Over the past few years, Camino realised how important it was for us to spend quality time in the grassroots of running and last year we decided to create a year-long challenge - Camino Greenways was launched. It was a chance to showcase and discover the endless trail-running opportunities that London has to offer.

We knew there were so many fantastic places to run, and we wanted to do more in 2023. The Blueways routes were created to bring you closer to canals, rivers, lakes, and ponds, as well as the green spaces of our parks, forests and tree-hugging trails.

For us, community is at the heart of what we do at Camino Ultra, and we want to partner with communities and brands that will help elevate this challenge and give awareness to the health benefits of being closer to nature

So from the moment we heard about the Crowd funder for the East London Waterworks Park, we knew this project would potentially transform a community for generations to come, and we wanted to support it.

So what is ELWP?

"The East London Waterworks Park is an idea conceived by local people. At its heart is a community group that wants to acquire and transform the 5.68-hectare ex-Thames Water Depot on Lea Bridge Road in Waltham Forest into a brownfield rainforest, offering people the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature. Activities, including wild swimming in Victorian filter beds and conservation volunteering, will improve physical and mental health, increase biodiversity and encourage visitors to stay and explore.

Currently, a fenced-in concrete depot in the middle of a swathe of green space, opening the East London Waterworks Park, will reconnect the lower Lea Valley. It will also showcase an environment-first community-led approach to land ownership that will transform the way we think about green spaces."